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Who is Asergis Property?

Asergis property is a subsidiary of Asergis Group. Based in Malta, we own and operate a number of properties across the island for both long let & short let. Furthermore we also rent, buy and sell properties for third party clients.

Short Lets

Some properties require a security deposit to be paid on check-in. Security deposits must be paid in cash and will be refunded once the property is found to be as left. The amount of the security deposit refunded would depend on the extent of damages found by the property host or representative on check-out.

Property listings will indicate whether or not the property requires a security deposit, and the amount will be listed on both the initial booking form and the Booking Voucher

A property may or may not have a minimum stay at any given point in time. The property listing will indicate whether or not a minimum stay is applicable for the time period requested.

Cancellation charges may apply as per below, you can also see the Letting Terms & Conditions here while the General Terms & Conditions can be found here.

Number of days before the start date of your trip that we receive your notice to cancel (or on which you are deemed to have cancelled)

  • More than 90 days – no charge. Deposit is fully refundable
  • 90 to 30 days - 25% of the total booking cost
  • 29 days to 8 days - 50% of the total cost
  • 7 days or less - 100% of Total cost

On the other hand, if you wish to alter your booking (e.g. change the dates of your stay or the accommodation requested), the Company will do its utmost to comply with your request. However, the Company cannot guarantee that it will be able to do so and cannot accept any liability for any loss, damage or additional expense that you may incur in such circumstances. Delayed arrivals (without notifying in advance the Company) will be treated as cancellation. If your stay is reduced in length please see the section on Price bands for information on the price you will be charged.

You will not be charged to change your booking as long as you do so at least 90 days before you check-in. Other scenarios as follow ;

  • 90 to 30 days - 25% of the total cost or 50% of deposit (including any balance of deposit due), whichever is greater.
  • 29 days to 8 days - 50% of the total cost or full deposit (including any balance of deposit due), whichever is greater.
  • 7 days or less - 100% of Total cost

You will also be liable to pay the difference in prices if your modified booking is for a more expensive property or time period.

The apartment will be equipped with utilities, furniture and a welcome pack which will cover your basic needs for the first night

Standard check-in is at 15:00; however, we will do our best to accommodate earlier and late check-ins with advance notice. Very late and very early check-ins will be subject to an additional fee of €35.

Check out is at 10:00 on the day of departure. Later check-outs can be arranged by communicating with us in advance. Check-outs after 10:00 will count as an additional night’s stay. If you are found to still be in the property after check-out without advance notice, you will be subject to a full day’s rental charge.

A host will meet you at the property at the pre-arranged check-in time to provide you with the keys, show you around the property and complete all paperwork.

Check-out by simply leaving all sets of keys to the property on the kitchen counter when you depart.

If you are delayed, contact your host immediately using the number listed on the booking voucher to inform them of your delay. We strongly advise that you provide us with your flight number so that we may monitor flights for delays.

If you are delayed and fail to inform us or are delayed for flight reasons but have not given us your flight number and did not inform us, we reserve the right to charge a service fee of €35 for late check-in.

Bookings will be cancelled and all monies paid forfeited if you fail to arrive by 12 noon of the day following your scheduled check-in date.

Long Lets

A long let is for a minimum of six months. Leases must be signed for long lets.
The price will cover the rent of the apartment only. Tenants would need to pay the bills of their services usage.
You cannot complete a booking for a long let online. Contact the e-mail address listed on the booking to arrange a long let.
Yes, all tenants for long lets must pay (2) two months’ rent as a security deposit. This will be refunded (less any damages) when you move out of the property at the end of your lease.

Buying a Property

This can be done through the “Make an appointment form” which can be found in each property details page
A Konvenju ( sometime referred to as promise of sale or preliminary agreement ) is a agreement through which the prospective vendor binds himself to selling a property to the prospective buyer who in turn binds himself to purchase the property.
When buying a property the buyer must go through various steps before actually acquiring the property. We will try and shorten them for you to have a better idea of the process. p.main { text-align: justify; }
  1. Setting a budget - Set yourself a budget and stick to it. It is important to know where you stand as you will most likely be paying monthly payments to a bank for the most part of your life and while the bank won’t even lend you money you cannot afford paying back, the detriment you will find yourself if you try to take up a property with a loan that you can't afford will be just as awful.
  2. Viewing - Once you have decided on what kind of property you will be looking at, start visiting some properties. Don’t get stuck searching online waiting for the perfect property, go out there and have fun exploring different properties, this will help you understand better what should you be expecting for the money you will be spending
  3. Consultation - If you have looked around some properties and think you have found just that perfect space for you on this island, start by visiting the property at least 2 times before moving forward with any commitments. Take a qualified architect over to inspect the place if needed and be sure to ask any question to your agent.
  4. Promise of Sale - Once you have negotiated the price and agreed on any terms and conditions with the owners of the property you should move on to signing the promise of Sale ( konvenju )
  5. Searches - Once the promise of sale has been signed by both parties a notary public will carry out the necessary searches to very legal title and to ensure that there is no outstanding debts, lien or hypothecs on the property. From the buyers side, they need to also take care of some requirements ex. Check on building permits, ensure bank loan is issued.
  6. Once all of the above is done by both parties, all is left is to meet to sign the final deed. ( date of final deed will normally be decided during the promise of sale )
Apart from the cost of the property there are some additional expenses that a buyer will incur until he/she can fully own the property.
  • Standard Stamp Duty rate of 5%
  • 20% of the total stamp duty to be payable on the promise of sale with the remaining balance payable on the final deed of purchase.
  • Gozo - residential properties bought in Gozo qualify for a reduced rate of stamp duty at 2% as long as the promise of sale is signed and registered in 2017.
  • Notary Fees which are normally around 1% of the property price
  • If there is ground rent related to the property, the buyer will have to pay a recognition fee ( Laudemium ) which is 1 year worth of ground rent and also the ground rent for the property itself.
The government has an incentive for 'First-Time Buyers' where there is an exemption from stamp duty on the first €150,000 (therefore the maximum saving could be €5,250)

Listing your property For Sale or To Let

When listing your property with Asergis Property, first thing you should do is rest your mind that your property is in good hands and that we will be doing anything in our power to move your property in line with your goals and expectations.

For Sale

In the for sale section a button titled “ Rent / Sell your property” will be available for registered users which will direct you to a form for you to fill in. Once submitted it will be sent over to our admin so we can process your request.

To Let

In the letting section a button titled “ Rent / Sell your property” will be available for registered users which will direct you to a form for you to fill in. Once submitted it will be sent over to our admin so we can process your request.

Listing your property with us is fairly simple and straight forward. When choosing to list a property for sale you just need to hit the “Rent / Sell your property” button and you will be redirected to a page containing a form with necessary fields. Once you fill it in and submit it will be sent to our administrator which will pass it on to one of our agents.

Once the agent gets your request he will contact you to schedule a visit so he can have a better idea of your property and even meet you in person so you know who you are dealing with. Once the agent gets all the necessary information and pictures he will proceed with listing the property details on our website

Not long at all. Usually one of our experienced agents will visit your property to get a better idea of its features. We will then ask you the relevant questions and create a short write-up to promote it. We can either have photos taken on your behalf, or you can provide the photos yourself. Depending on how quickly all the information is provided to us, it usually takes around 1-3 days for each property to appear on our site.
You listing will automatically be active for 28 days though an email will be sent to you 48 hours prior to this period requesting you to update your listing. You can either re-list as available or move it to other categories ex. for sale, off market, occupied etc.
When selling a third party property a commission fee is added to the asking price of the owner which as standard is 3% + VAT.
You will recieve the proceeds directly from the tenant or person involved in the transaction. This can be done by filling in the Bank Details tab through 'My Profile'. The page is split into various sections outlining the different functionalities. All the information entered here is fully secured in our servers and is only used by your banks making and recieving the transaction.
You can do this by contacting us directly on info@asergisproperty.com or 27 761 451

About Malta

To get to your accommodation you can either book a taxi, take the bus or rent a car. Should you need assistance for renting a car or booking a taxi please make sure to leave us a note before submitting your booking
Since Malta is so small you can literally go around by walk which will give you the opportunity to admire our beautiful architecture and views especially if your on high grounds. Though you can also travel around Malta with public transport or taxi, you will find various outlets offering bikes, motorbikes, quad bikes and cars for rent
Be sure to visit our blog for the latest and upcoming events, points of interest and information about enjoying life in Malta.
Despite being relatively close to where all the action is happening, there’s no real terror threat in Malta. Crime rates are relatively low and nature’s worst threats are thunderstorms and the occasional flooding which rarely cause harm to people. Malta is literally a place you can enjoy with your family and friends.
The best thing to do in an emergency is to call 112 and you will be redirected to the sector you need.